dimanche 18 janvier 2015

Theory Booster Preview : Break to the future ! Step 2 : Double Rare

    The triple rare article i started earlier this week was longer than i thought. Consequently i decided to split the Theory booster preview in multiple parts.
Without further ado, let's start the double rare article.

    I don't really know  Dragon knight, all i know is that the monster sacrifice is a big problem thanks to Napoleon. But the card by himself is pretty bad. He has a pretty big gauge cost and very low defense, meaning he will die before he makes a second attack.

    This i better. It is not as good as DragoArcher, but a +0.5 on call is very nice. Unfortunatly as i don't know the deck well, i cannot say how problematic the cost is (seeing cards as Spartax and Napoleon, it seems there is already a huge gauge sink in the deck ).

    A life break 5 monster. His stats are good, but is he worth it ? Because it conflicts with the other life break cards in your deck (Dragonic grimoire / dragogenious ). You cannot run too much of them or you will find yourself with a lot of dead draw in the early game. And so far, i think Dragonic grimoire is the best of the three cards (i think i would run a ratio like this one : 2 grimoire 1 gauntlet or 2 grimoires, no gauntlet).
    Meta impact : low

    This card works as a tandem with Drago Return System. Everytime you summon Tomahaw his cost get reimbourse by the Drago Return System. That's cool. But when Tomahawk is not with DRS it becomes a huge gauge sink.
   Fun combo : Tomahaw Dragon, or any dragon who returns to the hand (like boomerang dragon ) + Drago Return System + Green Dragon song
    Meta impact : very low

    That is a very interesting card
    First of his his standart play is awesome : for two lifes you cancel an attack.  It can protect you sidezones monsters or jus help you reduce the damages of 3+ critical attacks for free.
   Also be used in a lot of other ways : you can just not pay the second life and let Eligos die; or you can use Eligos as an invincible 2 criticals beater for the price of 1 life everytimes he is destroyed.
    But it has some pretty big flaws : the most obvious one is penetrate. The second one, wich is both the less obvious and most important : it takes you one level in the size 3 restriction. Meaning you need to have to restrict yourself to 2 levels if you want to play him during your opponent's turn.
    Meta impact : to be determined

     To make this card worth it, you need to call 3 72 pillars. First of it is based on chance, and second, they must all be size 1 !
     This card is far too random to be worth it; and it won't reward you well as this card is not a counter and make you pay the call costs.
    Meta impact : low

    The versatility of this card is very big.
    First of it can disturb the opposit strategy by killing their gauge. This cards trades 1 of your gauge for two of the opponent's. Wich is a very good trade. And it's stats isn't hurt that much : 5/2/5 isn't bad stats. It even is good for katana world.
    And if it happens that a deck isn't affect much about that, then this card will fit well the role of the tank.
    A very good  appetizer for the Water archetype.
     Meta impact : important (when water gets new supports).

    Not only does this cards pushes Skull Warrior to the top, but it also helps the Water archetype.
    Skull Warrior : in a nutshell, Skull Warrior revolve around two power cards : Evil in Heart, Yamigitsune and Return to the underworld. If the deck could not reach those cards, it started scooping pretty hard. Thanks to Aoihime, you now push the number of power cards from 8 to 12. By far the best Skull Warrior support could dream of.
    Water : The deck doesn't turn arount Water Arts, Shinotsukuame as much as Skull Warrior turns around Return, but the more often you have the card, the better the deck will do. Another nice card for the new Archetype.
    Finally, it allows Hybrid Water/Skull Warrior (althought this hybrid deck is very lackluster at the moment).
    Meta impact : very important

    Not much to be said as it is just a Bladewing  clone. I don't think the +2 defense worth the -1 power, but Inazuma is strong anyway.
    Do note that Ninja have Super Lethal Formation fixes this problem.
    Meta impact : medium

    A very good add for Skull Warrior, wich gives protection to their 4-attack formation.
   Meta impact : important

    A DDW Flame Strike Deity, Agosbruch with 3 criticals !! Man that card is so good. Agosbruch only weakness is that Ancien World is designe as a size 3 worlds, and althought size 2 or less Ancient world deck work, it has some huge flaws.  But Gruen is in a deck who have a lot bigger potential than the size 2 Ancient world.
    For those who don't know how Agosbruch works, he is just a one attack bullet who get sacrificed next turn to get ride of a size 1 (and consequently prevent him from attacking).
    Meta impact : important

    That's how i see Spectral Strike : 0 criticals. Yes it makes the deck very restricted, but why would you attack directly with a Deathgaze Dragon when you deal more damages when you destroy side-positions monsters (thus making a +1 at the same time).
    I need to playtest Black dragon, but if i am right, this card does not fixe the one problem Black dragon deck has.
    Meta impact : medium

                                                  Purgatory Knights, Sword Breaker Dragon
   Holy crap this card is good. For only a Life Break 6, you destroy an opponent's weapon. Yes all the stats are pretty bad, but without even attacking, you already scored a +1.
This card sure replace Guillotine Cutter in Purgatory Knight everydecks.
    Meta impact : very important

   Yes this card only has one critical. But what did you expect ? It is a size 0. And that is the key of the card : it is not as good as El Quixote yes, but as a Purgatory Knight size 0, this helps you set some 0/1/2/weapon-attacks formation.
    This card might get replace when new Size 0 PK comes out, but chances are no one will be released in the near future, and there is only 2 size 0 right now.
    Meta impact : important

A better Armor reuse ? A better Black Revenger ? A better Continue! ? I don't think i need to go deeper into this to convince you that this card is broken as hell. And thanks to the PK's allies destructions mechanics, you will for sure have the targets needed.
    Meta impact : very important

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