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Theory Booster Preview : Break to the future ! Step 1 : Triple Rare Analyse

The new booster is coming soon. Although it doesn't bring us any new Worlds ( a wise choice imo), it gives some very good to 4 different worlds. How much will this affect the game ? I really cannot say, but the cards look really appealing. I want to review every cards in the pack to be more prepared to this upcoming booster. And i thought, i could share it to you and make an article about that.

    What i promise, is that i will analyse every triple and double R, and highlight the bests Rares and Commons. Maybe, if i have the time (EDIT : very unlikely :o ), i will overwiew quickly all the cards, but i don't want to give you any false hope.

Buddy Rare

Hero World !!
    I am really hyping this new world. I don't really like the cards border, but it's a new world, so i'm will hype it no matter what. Also it brings new mechanics, first Ride who is currently unknown, and transform who says :
〔Cost〕 (If you do, equip this card from your hand or field, and this equipped card is treated as an item instead of a monster)
note : This really overcome the problem that weapon have : you don't need more than one.
    Anyway, i am really looking forward to see how this deck goes.


    I have a friend who likes playing Size 3 Dragon world. So far, this deck has pretty much been a pain to play against althought it has a very clear lack of consistency since it is very gauge needing, thus beeing very depedant to Dragonic charge.
    This card doesn't fixe this problem, but it gives some really interesting outs to the deck. His stats are very good, the possibility to give him up to 3 souls too, and his effect is strong despite the fact that it only creates more gauge dependance.
    What really caught my eye was this simple keyword : "Move". Before, the size 3 deck was forced to place their monster to the center. If not, then the opponent would just neglect it and kill you with his multiple attacks before you  and your lonely size 3 attack could.
   Now you can call Boldness to the side, wich allow you
          -to use a weapon ( note that spare weapon will be good Super Armordragon, Gargantua Blade Dragon's fodder ).
          -to not move  and cancel your opponent's attack with your shields. You link attack to destroy my monster ? Ok, dragon shield/Dragobond. You overlook my size 3 ? I block one attack to stay alive, and during your next turn i will move boldness and now my low life counter is now out of sight.
    Meta impact : low but interesting

    Ok, first of, the card by itself.  He has soulguard, but 5k defense is just ok. And since the soul comes from your field, then it is a wash. His battle step move seems to be a combo base skill (helps you trigger cards who ask to have your center clear during the main phase, after you Moved Drum previous battle phase ); but right now i don't see much use right now.
   But guess what ? He has Move and penetrate, like Thunder Knight Drum; with better stats (+2/+1), and an amazing 3 CRIT !!  He has relatively same summon conditions, same effect (with a bonus useless effect) and much better stats than TK Drum who is already a very good card !!
    If we ignore the archetype, Drum Breaker is a really really good card.

    Unfortunatly, Drums are not Thunder knight. Right now the support is pretty lackluster. Almost every Drums cost one gauge to just be recovered right after, meaning Drum Breaker is rather a 2 gauges and one card call cost. But this is fine. His additional penetrate crit is worth it. And there are some very good drums who are very usefull if only used as a tribute. First of the standart one, who gains one free soul, and SD Drum, who is unfortunatly not out yet. But what can a Drum deck do when it doesn't draw the Drum Breaker ?
    Meta impact : low, i don't think Drum deck is a thing right now

     When i first started writing this article, i did not thought i would write so much on every cards. I apologize in advance, but i will get lazy on this card.
     Dragon Knight, El Quixote is so good that he is sometimes even play in non Dragon Knight deck. This is  El Quixote 's clone. This is good. period.
    Meta impact : medium

    I don't really know what to think of this card.
    First of, i will discard the <<Dragon Knight>> condition. It is a deckbuilding condition and  won't affect your game.
    It has very good attack, but only "ok" critical. It gives gauge, but it costs gauges, taking two turn to repay himself, while Steel fist, dragoknuckle doesn't and have the same critical.  Hyperion's only advantage is his 7k attack, and the fact that it triggers on monster's destruction.
    This card doesn't revolution Dragon Knight : only play this card if you are facing some walls or you don't have much effect/penetrate to clear the center.
     Meta impact : low

Artificial Angel, Virginie Casta
    This cards seems to no be seen the good way.
    The "best set up" people think of, is a size 1, Virginie, size 2 set up, meaning you make the most of your battle phase with a total 4 attacks. And this set up has a huge flaw : when your opponent destroys your size 2, Viginie will regain her size 3, resulting in an oversize with your size 1; forcing you to drop one of the two. Making your hoponent make a +2 instead of a simple +1.
     If it happens during the opponent's turn,  after your already attacked, you already  did good use of your attack, so ok; but if it happens during your battle phase, then it really bites you.
    But the real best set up in my opinion is, well, only control virginie and the size 2.  Virginia takes down the opponent's center who is sitting in the center to let your size 2 double crit. The problems are : expensive price of 2 gauges, and the one crit.
    An interesting addition; test it well before buying it.
    Meta impact : medium, not sure though.

    Such a strong card. Right now, the cost of all the set spells wich gives +1/+1 stats (for instance Armorknight formation) is 1 card (the set card itself is pretty much lost once set on the field) and one gauge.
    But this card only has the one gauge cost, since the impact itself is not lost because you will cast the soul of the card sooner or later. Be careful with your gauge, because the Secret Sword cost 3 gauge. Meaning you need 4 gauges for the Lethal Formation.
    Do note that, as an impact, it cannot be destroyed by spell destruction effect, but you can only activate it during your final phase, wich is the only and minimal weaknesss of this card.
    Meta impact : important

    A very fun card for the collection, but not playable. His effect will only trigger when your opponent let you too. Wich is very unlikely if he knows you play this card. If we don't consider his effect, he can take down Tempest Enforcer. But once again, it is unlikely to happen.
    Meta impact : inexistant

    I really really like the concept. Preventing destruction for each 2 Deeps in your graveyard, in the late game, you are pretty much assured it will see another turn, and you will be able to double attack again.
    But will you reach the end game ? The game will already be over by then. And because of his huge price, Tallica is an end game and end game only card.
    Meta impact : inexistant
Ps: big weakness to penetrate because of his very low defense too.

    Finally ! A good size 3 DDW ! Real big size 3 stats, awesome combination of shadow dive and double attack, resulting in the loss of 2 monsters and 4 lifes if no counter is activated.
    It doesn't do much if there is 0/1 monster on your opponent's field, but if there is; that's really stupid from your opponent.
    It really outclasses Maveltaker.
    Meta impact : important

   6/3/2 for a size 1, with only the condition of having a monster destroyed this turn wich is par of the course in Purgatory Knight, this card is madness !!
   To compare, Armorknight Gargoyle  who doesn't have this destruction condition, has 5 less power !
    Thanks to Team Burning Infenitey for pointing that out : you can use this card in any deck and gain the level effect as long as you have himself as a Buddy.
   Meta impact : Very very important

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