lundi 13 juillet 2015

Tournament report : French Bushiroad Spring Fest

     It was my first Buddyfight 'big' tournament. (By big I mean with stake. We where only 27 but because it was the bsf, everybody was more motivated to win than in a regular weekly tournament). My first 'big' tournament was in Yugioh. Obviously it was no way near the same atmosphere.  We were very few compared to Yugioh's French champioship (or even regional) which mean it was less competitive (quite a few Trial decks and 'just for fun' players).
    But it was more relaxed and gathering : people aren't just coming to be with their friends and 'see' other players. Everybody was talking to each other during/after the tournament.
     I won't say it is better or worse, it is just different.

     I just really hope Bushiroad will give at least 3 invitation to Europes during WCQ, because I really want to go to the European champioship, and having only one tournaments that gives only two tickets is far from enough especially in a card game (which mean with a random factor).

      Now let's get into the games :

- Round 1 : Star dragon world. The player was on his first match. Nothing to see here.

- Round 2 : Darkness dragon world (Black dragon / Deep )
       Game 1 : I kill him at 6 lifes with Breathen gard.
       Game 2 : Because he opens with a very aggressive formation (triple size 1), and his monsters' defense are low enought. I decide to kill his monster and outrun him.

- Round 3 : Against Wizard (Alban)
       Game 1 : I make a very heavy start turn 1 with a triple monsters formation, but I have nothing to keep up in the following turns. Thinking about it, I actually don't know if it was a mistake or not. Because if I don't rush, I will get outspeed.
       Game 2 : Intense game. With Nemea, Cassiopea and Starfall night, my deck works perfectly and I finally get the upper hand.
       Game 3 : I get dominated by The creation.
Conclusion : For wizard The creation is suuuuuuch a good card. Especially against another slow deck.
If your opponent doesn't have much card in his hand. It is interesting to Breathen gard his Nice one !
Taurus Aldebarand does so much work ! He won me game 2 and kept me in the game game 3.

- Round 4 : Against TD Hundred demons
      Game 1 : My opponent place his walls (Evil Dragon, Gatara Orochi and Dark Dragon, Demochill ), and I cannot get over them because of Hundred Demons Sorcery, Yamitagae.
      Game 2 : Because Hundred demons doesn't have anything to deal with Frozen Star I can side in Astraeus and rush-bombe the Astraeus/Gate combo. After two turns my opponent asks me to pass onto the next game.
      Game 3 : With Frozen star I freez my opponent's move and with Taurus Aldebarand spam and protection, I manage to deal constant damages until he dies.
      Despite only beeing a trial deck, it gave me a rought time because of Hundred Demons Sorcery, Yamitagae which showed how broken it was. I am really looking forward to see how the full deck will give.

- Round 5 : Against Ninja (Denis, second place)
     Game 1 : I bait his Star crusher with Symbel gard, then I open Frozen Stars and lock him down.
     Game 2 : I try to do the same thing (bait with Symbel for Frozen stars). My opponent also does the same and cancel my Symbel, but this time the situation wasn't the same. I was too short in ressources. I should have done the opposite. I run out of defenses.
      Game 3 : I get 6 crits-linked attacked and lose because I got caught care-free (I had Sleipnir in hand).

    Because of my results I did not know if I was still in the tournament (if it was a top 8 I would have my chance, if it was top 4, obviously no). At first, Bushi decided to make only a top 4, but a few players complain about it because it was written on the official announcements that there would be a top 8, Bushiroad final back out, and we got a top 8.

Quarter : vs Raging spirits
     Game 1 : Turn 0, he calls his raging spirit on the left and ricky on the right. I heavily punish him for that with Frozen stars.
     Game 2 : My opponent sets a triple attack formation (size 3 + ricky + weapon), and I cannot handle it. Also turn 0 I charged Oswira gard and called Zlatarog. Turn 1 he calls Gang the king (5 crits penetrate). I was, oh crap...
      Game 3 : Even thought I did not have Frozen Stars, I kept him under pressure all the time, and killed all hope with a top deck Tenbu.
    Tenbu really had a great impact. He almost put me back in game 2, and won me game 3.

Semi : vs Raging spirits (Marc, winner)
     Game 1 : Awful opening with a total of 6 monsters in hand. By charging and discarding throught Rigel Orion I manage to get a better hand, but it stays an awful turn 0 (Nemea and Zlatarog are the only turn 0 that really make up for the "turn 0 disadvantage").
      Game 2 : I keep hitting every turns, and a well placed Tenbu almost wins me the game, but he topdeck another Raging spirit, and I run out of steam.
    Once again, Tenbu did his job. Capella Origar also did a good job by dodging one Dragon breath cascade.

For 3rd place : vs Armorknight (vs Kris)
     Game 1 : Despite an awful missplay (activate Cassipeia with only one target in the drop), I get the game.
      Game 2 : With a Breathen gard on his Battle Dragon Slaying Crush which tried to pop my Frozen stars, I almost get the game because of a bad charge choice (I charge a Symbel gard instead of a breathen), I find myself with no ressources, and one damage too short. I loose this one.
     Game 3 : I have a crappy hand, my opponent has a super hand and obviously wins. But this is all fair, I drew godly in the two previous game but did not managed to capitalise. It was a deserved loss.
Loki did a very nice job game 3. He resetted his Cradle and removed a Gargoyle 'A'.

     I end up fourth. I am very happy about it, because with my round results I wasn't supposed to top.
     It was a really fun day.
     I want to shout out to Jackoun who forgot his Tenbu, to Manuel, Germany's winner who did 4-1 with his Sieger, and to Alban (Wizard), who in my opinion was the best player considering how dominant he was in the round. He unfortunatly lost against Kris in the quarter.

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