mercredi 29 juillet 2015

Deck review : Crimson

    Crimson is an aggressive deck that combines very hight damages and good defenses.
     Every (good) crimsons monsters' effects need you to have an item with fist or link attack with that item.  Since they rely on only one thing : you having the 'fist', they don't need other members of the archetype to do well.
    Feel free to splash any card you like in the deck.

     So far there are 3 Crimson differents builds known :
  •      Pure crimson, the most balanced and versatile
  •      Crimson Drum that is less stable, but much more effetive when the perfect set up is placed
  •      Viking Crimson with day of the dragon  wich gives you good Field control which is in my opinion unneeded in most of the match ups.

  •      Crimson Thunder Knight isn't a good possibility. Here is why (credits to TimPowerGame) :
Thunder knight are too archetype dependant. Here are the bests Thunder knights  : Halbert, Kommander Fahne, Dragoarcher. Two of them need another TK to reach full potential, and one can be replaced by Boosted dragon. So Crimson are fine with Thunder knight on their side, but this is not true in the other way around.
    For Crimson, the graph represents the pure Drum deck which is the most balance deck, but it can change a lot depending on the variants and single cards choices.

    With 5k power at least on every size 2s, +2k power with Crimson ring, Heavy Impact, Crimson has  very good field control. Obviously it becomes crazy good if you play Viking variant.
      With all the penetrates, the 3 crits from Drum, the impacts, Crimson has incredibly hight damages, which can even be increased with Dragoblaze.
       As a Dragon world deck, Crimson has very hight defense for an aggresive deck tanks to the two Dragon shields.

      Crimson pure doesn't have much power plays, but other variants do since they rely on key combos (Super Drum + Drum, Viking + Day of the dragon).
        In game wise, they don't have searcher. But deckbuilding wise, Crimson has a very varied line up wich means they can prepare very well for a meta, and have a very nice Sideboard.
       Crimson has a lot of 1 gauge cost, but this is not a problem. You even have Steel fist for unlimited gauge.

        Card advantage and consistency are the main weaknesses of Crimson. Outside of Dragonic gimoire there isn't any draw power, and without you item, most of your monsters are vanilas.

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