lundi 20 juillet 2015

Introduce your friend to the game

     It is always fun to introduce a friend to a game you love. But it is also pretty messy because you will improvise which leads to missing some key parts and pointing some complicated rulings that are pointless when you begin.

     No matter if your friend keeps telling you how wonderful improvisation works during his philosophy tests, I know for a fact that preparation is better than improvisation.
      Obviously you don't need to know to learn a textbook word by word, especially since there is a big part in personalisation (comparison and differences to the previous TCG), but having a skelton is always better. You can copy and write down the sum up at the end.

    Introduction to Buddyfight  :
"Buddyfight is a [card] game where you take up arms to fight along you monsters".
     This is a catchphrase that hopefully make your friend hook onto the game. If he is rather a competitive player, it is not a problem, it will change from the rest of the initation which will be very verbose. It also hints that unlike every other games, items aren't equip to monster, but to you.

     Explain the flag (don't hesitation to compare to decks archetypes from his previous game, for instance from Yugioh, choose Blackwing or X-Saber, in Magic Orzhov or Izzet...).
     Show him your Buddy, but you will explain Buddygift later.

    Show him and explain him the differents cards :
    -Monster, -Spells with and without Counter, Items.
    Don't talk about Impacts. Impacts work basically like spells that can only be activated in the final phase. It also misslead some players who think Buddyfight is a "hit for 6 then garguantua" game.

     Start a game. Don't hesitate to stack your deck. Make sure you draw one monster, spell with and without Counter, and an item.
     Draw 6 and place your 2 gauges. Explain the gauges.
     Call one monster, hit him and end your turn.
      Play the game.

    You can now explain him Buddgift and show him impacts.
     If he / she already played another TCG and is used to all those messy rulings, explains him effect resolutions (mandatory, optional effects / aka the Asmodai ruling) and the 1 effect per chain restriction, otherwise leave it to another time.

    I hope it was useful, as promised you can find a tldr to copy and write down as reminder.

-Catch phrase
-Show him your flag and buddy (but no buddygift)
-Show him monster, spells w and w/o counter, item
-Star game and show him gauge
-Play the game
-Show him Buddygift and Impacts
-Effect ruling and 2 per chain rulings if used to rulings.

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