mardi 15 décembre 2015

French Tournament 2015 Report

     French WCQ was canceled. In compensation, Bushiroad gave France it's own tournament. This where I went past week end (13 december 2015).
I wasn't willing to buy a new deck, so I went with Hero. With the playtests I did with my friend who played Wizard I felt that Hero was a bit outdated, and I would struggle against the new support from HBT03. So I wasn't expecting much coming to this tournament.

Round 1 Against Purgatory knight :
First game, nothing too see. I played terribly and my opponent brick. To explain how bad I played, I didn't notice that my opponent did not discard his hand when he called Burn nova ! But my opponent bricks too much, I win.
Second game, I now get my sh*t together, and beat him convincigly.

Round 2 Against Gaigrander :
First game, it looks very bad. The match up is very into the Hero world's favour without side deck, and he starts perfectly by setting up Gaigrander and searching all the transformations. For some reasons he never uses them, and I manage to come back into the game and take it.
Game 2, I missplay and cast Nemesis thunder at the beggining of the Battle phase (he had 1 gauge,
and I thought Gaigrander's transformations costed 2 gauges). Fortunatly he doesn't have Finish form in his hand to punish this missplay. I win the game on this move because he doesn't reach another Gaigrander.

Round 3 Against Quartet 5
Again the match up pre-side is aweful. He opens Dzieme turn 0 I had no shield. Props to my opponent, he did not do the mistake to attack the center with Dzieme which means I couldn't cancelled Dziem's three crits with Osvira gard. I loose quickly.
Game 2, He doesn't touch his DZieme, I win. Typical Quartet 5.
Game 3, I respond to DZieme's skill with Nemesis Thunder and win with it.

Round 4 Against Quart 5
Despite an aweful start, I manage to come back into the game with an army of gauge and Prydwen, and I finish by winning it.
Game 2, I start with Merlin who reveal 3 monsters and 2 Nemesis thunder... gg
Game 3 is very intence. It is highly back and forth. I pop his DZieme, but he answers back. I make an aweful mistake by calling Merlin instead of Gareth when my opponent was Transformed into Nine and I had no reason to use Merlin's skill. But top deck Miseria makes me come back into the game.

I finish the round robin with perfect score. 4-0

Semi finals Against Knight
Game 1 The game is incredibly intense. But with a few mistakes here and there, I loose the game.
(I recorded and commented here)
Game 2, Merlin says nope and reveal 2 Oberon and 3 non hero cards. I loose the game here.

Game for third place. Against Fifth omni
I don't remember the details of the first two games unfortunatly but we end up with 1-1.
The third game is very complicate. I decide to bet on my opponent not drawing his Gargantu punisher : I decide to not pay the price for Prydwen and drop to 3 hp. I thought I would need the spare gauge, but looking into the game, I finally did not need them, so it was a big mystake. I got lucky and he did not draw his Impact. I win the game by cutting his ressource, and go for a final Oberon push.

I finish third place at the French champioship, and win the promo Asmodai !
Again, I had a lot of fun and intense games.
But looking back at the tournament, quite a few mistakes where done, I still have room to grow.

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